Building Strong Business Transactions And Contracts

Contracts and other legal documents form the lifeblood of commerce in the United States. Almost all activities we conduct as business persons and many we engage in as consumers are covered by a contract that governs it.

Joan C Scarpa, founding attorney at Joan C Scarpa, Attorney at Law, LLC, leverages her nearly three decades of experience as a real estate lawyer in the corporate world to help businesses thrive in Chester, Delaware, Bucks and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania. She has handled the paperwork for many types of business transactions over the years and can review new and existing contracts to ensure your interests are being represented fairly.

Viewing Your Contracts Through A Thoughtful, Exacting Lens

Our firm's founder spent many years resolving business and property-related issues for her corporate employer. This provided her with skill in reviewing and drafting many types of legal documents. In her current practice, she can help your business draft and review contracts and related types of agreement, including:

  • Business/Asset Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Procurement Agreements
  • Real Estate Property Transactions
  • Service Agreements
  • Utility Agreements
  • Right-of-way Agreements
  • Bid Contracts
  • Toll Road Agreements
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Production
  • Communications Tower and Studio Purchase agreements and Lease


Seeking Solutions That Work For You

At our firm, we strive to help you understand every clause in a contract or another legal agreement. We can point out areas that need to be clarified, suggest revisions to boilerplate language that better represent your interests, and can suggest additions that will spell out each party's rights and obligations related to a specific topic. We always seek to find a solution that will satisfy all stakeholders, while providing you with the terms you need to succeed.

Got Contract Questions? Find Answers Here.

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