Real Estate Law Counsel For Gas Station/Convenience Store And Retail Businesses

If you are contemplating stepping into franchise ownership and owning a gas station/convenience store or other retail business is one of your options, you need specific guidance for an industry governed by a set of tightly defined laws. Our firm's founding attorney, Joan C Scarpa, brings nearly three decades of experience to the table, as a former real estate attorney and real estate portfolio manager for Sunoco. Now she provides services as a lawyer in private practice to individuals and businesses who are owners of gas station/convenience stores and other retail store businesses.

We Know the Difference Between

shoe AND pump

Focused, Informed Answers To Industry-Specific Questions

Ms. Scarpa handled a variety of franchisee-franchisor issues during her tenure with Sunoco, a Fortune 100 company, and excels in developing innovative solutions to franchise business issues. She is able to help clients with legal counsel on the following issues, and much more:

  • Franchise Agreements
  • Motor Fuel Supply Agreements
  • Distributor Contracts
  • Procurement Agreements
  • Wrongful Termination- Petroleum Marketing Practices Act (PMPA)
  • Underground Storage Tank Purchase and Sale
  • Property Lease, Purchase and Sale Transactions
  • Site Modifications
  • Assignment Agreements

A Tireless Advocate For Your Best Interests

Our firm distinguishes itself by emphasizing diligence in researching your legal situation and your options. Ms. Scarpa's network of contacts allows her to quickly and efficiently review your conflict or question and offer options you can act on immediately. She is known as a strong rapport builder and a master negotiator, so you can rest assured that our firm will seek to find a solution that fits your needs.

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Our firm, Joan C Scarpa, Attorney at Law, LLC, is based in West Chester and serves business clients in Chester, Delaware, Bucks and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania. Call us at 484-685-1118 or email us via our contact form to set up a free initial appointment.