Bringing It Home: Residential Real Estate Legal Services

A home purchase can be an exciting moment in an individual's or a family's life. But it also represents the acquisition of a large set of financial and legal responsibilities. Overlooking or failing to appreciate the magnitude of an issue with the title or physical property at this stage can lead to disastrous consequences once you have completed the purchase.

At our firm, Joan C Scarpa, Attorney at Law, LLC, our namesake attorney employs her focus on real estate law to help ordinary people feel confident about their impending home sale or purchase. Her years of experience on the business side of real estate law are complemented by an understanding of how homeowners are affected by relevant case law.

Let Us Review Your Sale Documents

If you are preparing to sign on a new home, our lawyer can provide a thorough examination of your legal documents. She can ensure that everything about the paperwork is accurate, and point out "red flags" with title, zoning, home inspections and other issues. If you have questions about financing, we can refer you to firms within our legal peer network who will review the monetary side of your transaction.


We Can Help You If A Settlement Is Necessary

If you are struggling with your mortgage payments and are in danger of default, our firm can assist you with foreclosure and settlement actions. During the recent recession, Ms. Scarpa was active in representing clients facing foreclosure through Philadelphia's Volunteers for the Indigent Program (VIP). As an attorney in private practice, she can negotiate settlements for homeowners in foreclosure, often obtaining loan modifications or other terms that can allow you to get back on the road to financial stability.

Other Residential Real Estate Issues We Handle

Ms. Scarpa can handle a broad spectrum of residential real estate law situations for clients, including:

  • Agreement of Sale Review
  • Title Issues
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Permit/Zoning Issues
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Do not try to figure out complex legal issues unassisted — our firm can make real estate law clear and understandable for you.

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